Ndulge Earth created a social movement called I AM…TRUE BEAUTY, we set a new standard for beauty by shining the light on real women from around the world whose beauty is not defined by their outward appearance but by their inner strength, open heart, and the ability to overcome adversity. be proud of who you are.

You matter, stand up and let your voice be heard, shout it from the mountain tops,

I am Movement

every woman shines


According to the Nepal Labour Force Survey 2017-18,
only 22% of working age women are employed.
​Together, we can change that by purchasing their farm
fresh ingredients and hand-made goods  for our

Together, we’re improving lives.


Ndulge Earth is an independent, all-natural, dermatologist tested, hand-crafted line of premium CBD-infused skincare products (100% THC-FREE). Our focus is providing top quality skincare enhanced by the healing properties of hemp-derived CBD. 
We make it our goal to provide income opportunities for women around the world by sourcing natural ingredients from their farms and purchasing hand-made goods. Our team is comprised of experts from the cannabis and cosmetic industries, allowing us to explore non-traditional, powerful combinations.


Raising seven children has its challenges, but I embraced every one of them, well…there were times I wanted to smack every one of them, but that’s another story. I truly love my family, we are blended, wacky and often flat out crazy, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. My kids are beautifully unique, which is what inspired us to create a socially conscious sisterhood where women could thrive with opportunity. The Ndulge sisterhood was formed to empower women everywhere, but the dream for Ndulge was born long before my children were.
When I was a child (as my kids would say – way, way back in the day) my Grandmother Grace used to tell me stories of growing up in extreme poverty in a small village outside Acaponeta, Mexico. She left home at age fifteen to seek a new life and better opportunities, which ultimately changed the course of all our lives. Now that I am an adult, my grandma’s words still echo in my heart “no matter where you go in life, always remember where you came from”.
Ndulge Earth

Grandma Grace

Acaponeta, Mexico
Today my Grandma Grace is gone, but her words live on through me, my children and now you. With each purchase from Ndulge Earth you are helping empowering women out of poverty. So many women live in poverty, not because they lack abilities, but because they lack opportunity. Let’s give them the opportunity to change their future, like my grandma did for us.


you make the difference

Ndulge Earth


By creating products that are obtained through fair trade as well as purchasing goods from local women farmers and artisans, we are empowering women out of poverty. With every purchase from Ndulge Earth, you are providing women globally with sustainable income so they can put food on their table, a roof over their head, get medical care and an education for their children.
Ndulge Earth


This photo is an orphanage in Nepal, your purchases supplied the backpacks, school supplies and internet for the year. Globally, nearly 2 million children are abandoned, left on the streets or turned over to Foster Care each year. Ndulge offers crisis support through clothing and monetary donations both domestically and globally.
Ndulge Earth


A fun filled day for the Ndulge family at a local women’s shelter. Human trafficking and domestic violence are global issues, even here in the United States. Ndulge Earth donates clothing, toiletries and time to sit alongside survivors as we listen, share, and encourage with stories of love and hope.

the many ways we give


to let every voice be heard

Ndulge Earth

The Ndulge Family

Ndulge Earth

grandma grace

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